llleytooo asked: Hello Mr. Mirabello, I just wanted to inform you that the link on the Tower of guns website to buy Tower of guns on the Humble store is broken. That's all, have a nice day! Sincerely LLLeytoOO

Huh, dunno when Humble changed that link, but…FIXED! Thanks so much for the heads up.  :-)

Tog 1.21 AKA Wingnut Released!

Hi everyone! I just pushed out update 1.21, AKA “Build Wingnut” to Steam. It’ll be following on the other platforms shortly. This build is an accumulation of all the bug fixes from the past month. Here’s the formal changelist:

  • Bug Fix: added a unduck check, tilt check, jump prohibit check, physics check, and a speed failsafe to cinematics to combat a major speed wiping bug on an endless mode loop.
  • Art fix: added an glowy oblivion plane to L11 in case the player looks backwards in the final tunnel
  • Optimization: Lowered cap on number of SFX pickups sounds that can be played at once
  • Bug Fix: fixed that dang cartesian lattice bug, which actually ended up being a much more severe bug that I’m surprised hasnt reared its head in uglier places…OR MAYBE IT HAS ORLY
  • Art, Pop, and Collision Fixes in l2r2b19, l6r4b, l6r2b2, l3r3b3b5
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Stories: For some people (those who bought the game in the last month) random dialog/plots didn’t work! For everyone else, you probably never noticed this bug.
  • Bug Fix: Adjusted near clip plane, which fixes many near collision issues, but potentially causes zfighting with long-distance views. Not sure if I prefer this way over the other way.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed delay on end animatic chain flythrough
  • Bug Fix: Adjusted pipeorgan lootspawnoffset to accomodate clobbered loot
  • Bug Fix: Fixed door gate mechanism in togodrome
  • Console Cheat: Added cheat “Tog_ImLame stupidspeedbug”. Those of you who have seen that endless-mode speed=0 loop bug, it *should* be fixed for you now. But just in case, I added this code to increment player speed by 2 with each use, so that way you won’t lose a good run to this bug if, for some reason, it still pops up for you. This was a damn tricky bug, and I’m not confident my solutions was infallible.

I’ve been a bit distracted over this last week, playing close attention to the civil rights situation in Fergeson, MO-But I have been productive still. Last week clocked in at 33 hours and 2 minutes, which is very low for me.

Today was mostly filled with emails, build management, biz dev work and some tinkering with UE4. I clocked 6 hours and 55 minutes today.

Lots to Report

So, it’s been a few days, but I haven’t been idle. Here’s a painting I just finished up for a benefit art show in memory of Kerry Talbot, who was a VCU (that’s the school I went to) professor who died of cancer awhile back. There’s going to be an art show down in Richmond Virginia to help raise funds to help his family cope with the tremendous medical bills. It’s my understanding that there will be prints sold at the show, so if you’re in Richmond VA, let me know and I’ll pass along the info!


Additionally, here’s the ToG/Game Dev stuff I did today:

  • added a unduck check for the pohibittilt kismet action
  • added an glowy oblivion plane to L11 in case the player looks backwards in the final tunnel
  • lowered cap on number of SFX pickups sounds that can be played at once
  • fixed that dang cartesian lattice bug, which actually ended up being a much more severe bug that I’m surprised hasnt reared its head in uglier places…OR MAYBE IT HAS ORLY
  • fixed art bug in l2r2b19
  • population fix in l6r4b
  • added yet a second fail safe to the tilt bug in the end tunnel cinematic and worked on debugging that issue quite a bit
  • a lot of business emails!
  • went through some replication/networking UE4 tutorials
  • did a bit of tinkering with player camera tutorials in UE4

Today’s clock: 8 hours 33 minutes

Additionally, since I pretty much use this tumblr as a reference when I write up my changelogs for updates, here’s the other ToG-related changes as of late:

  • added physics check to end chain
  • fixed hole in l6r2b2
  • added some checks for groundspeed on endless loop
  • created a prohibitjump kismet sequence to help potentially alleviate the blocked speed issue? Added to level
  • FIXED STORIES. How the heck did I break these and never notice? (it actually was maybe just an issue on my machine, since I forgot to copy over the files when I switched dev machines…but due to the way steam deploys new changes everyone might have still had the stories. OH TECHNOLOGY U SO FUNNY U GIVE ME SO HEART ATTACK FEELS)
  • adjusted near clip plane—fixes many near collision issues, but potentially causes zfighting with long-distance views
  • fix delay on end animatic chain flythrough
  • fixed hole in l3r3b3b5
  • adjusted pipeorgan lootspawnoffset to accomodate clobbered loot
  • fixed door gate mechanism in togodrome



  • fix menu icon issue
  • improved background
  • removed old numbers from drum BP
  • fixed more logspam
  • reset drum locations
  • added spikes to 4/5/6
  • fixed broken map 4…attachment in UE4 seems a bit buggy when you play with loading/unloading maps through BP…and its easy to accidentally save busted maps this way.
  • shortened quit duration
  • alleviated, but could not fix, weird menu spawning bug?
  • made unique background gradients for levels 1-6, wired them up.
  • fixed a bad design issue in l2 where you could get stuck if you miss the key
  • fixed a weird spanwing issue in level 5
  • fixed a packaging error involving illegal characters in filenames…again. I wonder how many more times thatll trip me up
  • fixed spacing and artwork on final score tally
  • fixed delay before quit
  • fixed background on level 6
  • fixed spacing on ingameUI
  • new pressspace art, cleaned up final ingameUI junk
  • added delay to level end
  • made two buttons SFX
  • added sfx to buttons and level complete actions
  • replied to a few more biz emails…

Anyway, I tried out a nice Thai place new my house today with old friends. And I exercised! Again! That’s three days in a row. I’m playing Halo 4 while I eliptical…and I’m finding the game to be a bit underwhelming. Or maybe my television in the basement is. I can’t tell. Anyway, today’s clock: 5 hours 10 minutes

Here’s my list for today, oh great tumblr-log! This is all related to my UE4 experimentation stuff.

  • cleaned a ton of unused starter assets from TW, bringing the install from 560mb to 160mb. Dang, startercontent, you so crazy.
  • added culling helper to entry map
  • fixed gate to prevent door, key, and spikes from triggering multiple times
  • if you use backspace to quit, you lose your save data…sometimes
  • fixed button background image
  • stop the -2000 on death from triggering more than once
  • added an exit/win menu camera transition setup
  • fixed more logspam
  • painted some new drum number icons
  • added drum numbers to drums

Also, I did a bit more email related things today. And exercised!

Today’s clock: 6 hours logged. Not shabby, though, at sitting at my desk for most of the day, I can see that my efficiency has definitely diminished over the last few months since ToG’s release if I only logged 6 hours. I need to work on getting that back up.

White Chocolate Peanut Butter is tasty stuff…

I exercised today! I never exercise.

Also, I :

  • responded to a bunch of bizness emails
  • repainted the TW star texture
  • built star material, wired to button BP
  • built BP to show star on level if you perfect it
  • built BP to show max coins on button
  • built reset file logic
  • built reset savefile button and BP
  • built quit button and BP
  • made, wired sound for door/end
  • wired BP to block sfx for spinning if already in a spin

Today’s clock: 5 hours and 8 minutes

Back from Traveling!

So, I’ve been doing some personal traveling this last week, but I’m back and ready to dive into UE4 explorations. As stated before, before I move on to the next major project, I decided it was best to explore some mini-projects to help me familiarize myself with some new tech. So, I’ve been tinkering with a  very small scope pixel platformer. Here’s what I did today:

  • added mappings for cursor keys to TW
  • added check for max score and numcoins
  • made high score and perfect images
  • added background differentiators to entry and exit sections
  • made images, fx, for +1000, +100, and -1000
  • wired fx to door, key, coins, and death
  • adjusted scoring algorithm
  • fix ingameuibackplate to show score icon
  • fix grandppa image
  • new door sfx
  • plugged hole in tumbleentry
  • fixed the leading zero in the menu buttons
  • added maxnumcoins to buttons
  • painted star icon
  • I also did a bit of business and legal and tax stuff, but not as much as I should have.

All in all, it was 7 hours and 20 minutes of work today. Not too shabby.

Today was filled with a lot of odds and ends…like most of my days these days: support emails for ToG, business stuff, emails, a productive phone meeting, more emails, MORE emails. I’ve learned a lot about wearing a business-person’s hat in the last few months…just enough to know that I know very very little.

My first day without caffeine wasn’t too bad, though I was helped along with some advil to fight the withdrawal headache. My goal is to make it to one week without calorie rich caffeinated beverages.

Anyway, today’s clock ended up being 5 hours and 15 minutes.

I’m looking forward to the coming days where I can dive full time into development again.

Today! 4 and a half hours, all UE4 tinkering—messing with debugging blueprints!

Yesterday: 5 hours 43 minutes, business emails, UE4, and some ToG management stuff!

Tomorrow—the world! Actually, I’m going to try and stop drinking Starbucks tomorrow..I’ve been drinking gigantic iced caffeinated beverages everyday and it’s not so good for my waistline…so, during withdrawal I will probably feel like rubbish all day. We’ll see how many hours I last before I cave in.


Anonymous asked: i can't seem to use cheats (found a bunch on ToG wiki such as "dummy" and stuff) and they just don't work? what's up widdat?

you have to enable the console first in the options, and all the cheats must be prefaced with ToG_ImLame. So, like “Tog_ImLame dummy”, without the quotes. There are a lot of silly ones in there.

EDIT: OH! I forgot to mention, you have to be IN the game itself, not in the main menu, for the codes to work.