Anonymous asked: Development has slowed down, you okay? I'm just worried because I really love this game and getting bored of current gameplay!

Hi Anonymous! Thanks for thinking of me.

Development on ToG hasn’t slowed done—it’s completed! I reached 1.0 about 7 months ago, and while I updated the game with more stuff every month for a few months, and while I DO have another bugfix patch I’m getting close to releasing, ToG won’t be getting any more major content updates. I figured people would get bored of the game eventually, but I hope folks have been able to get their money’s worth out of the game…and hopefully they’ll be excited about seeing more games from me in the future! :-)

That said, I haven’t been posting much here because I’m not yet ready to talk about project 2 yet. I’ll pick up again on the logging here once I feel like I have a firm direction with the project.


karmelyth asked: Dude, is there any way to buy the soundtracks from ToG? I want them so BADLY and i cant find them anywhere:(

Absolutely! You can pick up the soundtrack from
You can play the songs there too, but to get the album as a download it’s 5 bucks. I’m sure Mike would love the support too, since all proceeds from that go directly to him. :-)


I’m having a lot of fun with UE4’s blueprint system. It’s quirky and has a number of pitfalls I’ve stumbled headfirst into, but I’m also able to get stuff up and running to test amazingly fast.

Anyway, today’s clock: 7 hours and 8 minutes


axehandle-narval asked: I don't think I ever asked you this, but now I feel I must: What is your opinion on people pirating your content? Of course, I mean those that redistirbute without charging for them.

I’ve got pretty divided thoughts about piracy.


For indie games, piracy its simply hard to justify. We’re talking smaller teams, smaller budgets, much smaller profits…and in today’s sale and bundle driven PC culture, if you look around a little or wait a week or two you can pretty much find any indie game for about the price of a glass of beer.

Contrary to the “goldrush” persona of indie games these days, most indie games do not earn all that much money, either. Unless you’re a home-run hit, of course.

I’m VERY fortunate that, finally after two years of building the game, I can now say I’m able to earn a living from being indie. :-)


All that said, back when I was a teenager I never declined offers from friends to burn me copies of their games. I played the hell out of old NES ROMS. I had piles of MP3s. My excuse was that “one day I’d be able to afford to not do this…!”

Having been there, it would be incredibly hypocritical for me to pass judgement on people pirating now. I won’t say you’re a terrible person if you pirate, since I don’t consider myself to be, or even have once been, a terrible person.

Also, I AM happy that more people are playing my game, regardless of the means. I hope they tell friends. :-)


Don’t download ANYTHING that says it’s “Tower of Guns + Crack” or anything like that. Any “crack” (or anything added to the ToG build that makes it require a “crack”) is likely malware/spyware/virus-y. The game should already be DRM free. There’s no “crack” needed. Steer clear of that nonsense.


nagatame asked: Hey, I recently bought Tower of Guns, and I just wanted to personally give you my thank you, and congratulations, for making such an amazing game. I bought it on a whim, and I can't put it down. I'll be on the lookout to see if you make anymore games. And, I wish you luck with all of your future endeavors.

Thanks! :-)

More ToG stuff

I’ve really be lax about posting my log here. Rest assured, I’m still trucking away every day on stuff, but when the list of progress isn’t as itemized as I usually post here then it’s easy for me to look at that and feel like it’s lack of progression, which isn’t necessarily true.

Anyway, in ToG-Land here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • tuned l6r4b4, l2r3b6
  • fixed coll in l3r2b4, l3r2b3, gap in l6r4b2, artbug in l3r1b2, lx2, l3r2b1
  • added a prohibit check during the end cinematic to keep items from being used
  • business, tax, and legal stuffs

In UE4 land, I’ve been working away on a potential next mini-project. Over the last few days I’ve been laying out the BP class structure for a lot of major components..working in BP makes some stuff go fast and other stuff go certainly throws in an interesting twist into how you make a game. I think I’m having fun though.

Anyway, today’s log: 5 hours and 31 mins


knuxtenma asked: That's... Actually the problem. My virus scanner is apparently really overzealous and deletes it the moment it's on my computer. I don't get the chance to run it or tell my computer it's safe before it gets nuked. D:

Woah..that’s aggressive! Well, here’s a directory that has a direct link to that file and also a .zip file that contains JUST that file:

Grabbing it direct might at least trigger a “what do you want to do with this” option in your virus scanner, or gives you the luxury of timing a temporary disabliing of the scanner long enough to grab the file and put it in place better than the steam downloader might. (it goes in InstallDirectory\Towerofguns\Binaries\)

 What virus scanner software do you use, might I ask?


knuxtenma asked: I've been really tempted to play your game since I first heard about it, and I purchased it when it went on sale (I think during the Steam Summer Sale, but it may have been during the Humble Summer Sale). I used the code to add it to my Steam Library, but every time I try to install it, my virus scanner immediately deletes unsetup.exe, thinking it's a Trojan. Got any suggestions? I can't be the only one this is happening to, but Google seems to think so.

Hi Knuxtenma—thanks for picking up ToG. You’re not the ONLY one who has had their virus scanner pick up the unsetup.exe file—you’re one of two! There is literally only one other person who has had the problem so far (that I know of). 

Don’t worry about that file—its not malicious at all. The virus scanner is picking up a false positive. For future readers of this: if you got the game from steam or Gog, then that file should be fine and you can safely run the game—but you might need to tell your virus scanner that it’s ok to not quarantine/delete first, or run in administration mode.If you got the game from some pirated torrent you might want to be wary though—ToG has no real DRM, so any “crack” for the game is something the pirates tacked on to the build for some reason of their own…and likely not something healthy for your machine.


llleytooo asked: Hello Mr. Mirabello, I just wanted to inform you that the link on the Tower of guns website to buy Tower of guns on the Humble store is broken. That's all, have a nice day! Sincerely LLLeytoOO

Huh, dunno when Humble changed that link, but…FIXED! Thanks so much for the heads up.  :-)

Tog 1.21 AKA Wingnut Released!

Hi everyone! I just pushed out update 1.21, AKA “Build Wingnut” to Steam. It’ll be following on the other platforms shortly. This build is an accumulation of all the bug fixes from the past month. Here’s the formal changelist:

  • Bug Fix: added a unduck check, tilt check, jump prohibit check, physics check, and a speed failsafe to cinematics to combat a major speed wiping bug on an endless mode loop.
  • Art fix: added an glowy oblivion plane to L11 in case the player looks backwards in the final tunnel
  • Optimization: Lowered cap on number of SFX pickups sounds that can be played at once
  • Bug Fix: fixed that dang cartesian lattice bug, which actually ended up being a much more severe bug that I’m surprised hasnt reared its head in uglier places…OR MAYBE IT HAS ORLY
  • Art, Pop, and Collision Fixes in l2r2b19, l6r4b, l6r2b2, l3r3b3b5
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Stories: For some people (those who bought the game in the last month) random dialog/plots didn’t work! For everyone else, you probably never noticed this bug.
  • Bug Fix: Adjusted near clip plane, which fixes many near collision issues, but potentially causes zfighting with long-distance views. Not sure if I prefer this way over the other way.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed delay on end animatic chain flythrough
  • Bug Fix: Adjusted pipeorgan lootspawnoffset to accomodate clobbered loot
  • Bug Fix: Fixed door gate mechanism in togodrome
  • Console Cheat: Added cheat “Tog_ImLame stupidspeedbug”. Those of you who have seen that endless-mode speed=0 loop bug, it *should* be fixed for you now. But just in case, I added this code to increment player speed by 2 with each use, so that way you won’t lose a good run to this bug if, for some reason, it still pops up for you. This was a damn tricky bug, and I’m not confident my solutions was infallible.

I’ve been a bit distracted over this last week, playing close attention to the civil rights situation in Fergeson, MO-But I have been productive still. Last week clocked in at 33 hours and 2 minutes, which is very low for me.

Today was mostly filled with emails, build management, biz dev work and some tinkering with UE4. I clocked 6 hours and 55 minutes today.